Ahmed Raw
and African Knights

Ahmed Raw  Returns!

with the African Knights

Real live entertainment, not just fantastic music!



  Ahmed Raw and the African Knights have been advocating freedom for all Africans and unification of African Nations toward betterment of a greater continent and a greater world since their inception more than 20 years ago.

As a former soldier in Sierra Leone, Ahmed Tarawally Jr. followed in the footsteps of a highly politically involved family, living a lifestyle unknown to most Africans.  Although he was raised among the powers that be, he might have had either the opportunity to become a powerful African politician, or the misfortune to become a fatality of political unrest like his father before him.  Neither suited his aesthetic of humanity or arts with which he had a greater bond.

As his awareness of the disfunction of government grew, he chose to leave before his affiliation with the military would make enemies of his countrymen.  Five years later, Freetown, his home in Sierra Leone fell into civil war.

Since then, Ahmed has had a mission to envigorate all of Africa to Stand Together in Unity and address placing the people before the power.

Finally, Ahmed Raw has had the fortune to find CrowndRecords as an advocate of his cause and his talent.

Together they are building his first full album of original world music.

Rhythmic, Passionate, Satirical, Comical, Spirited and Hope Filled Music.

Ahmed Raw-Rules of the House   



Ahmed at the Anniversary Celebration for Sierra Leone

Presented by CrowndRecords and KING DRE RULE PRODUCTIONS



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